What We are:

Our company acquired a commercial license for the exploitation of  HTC Vive in Ireland. By this acquisition,  we aim at making individuals, small, medium or big businesses change the way they look at virtual reality. It is not about video games. It is rather about using the virtual realitty, to explore or re-discover our sometimes misundertood reality. Virtual reality may be used to prepare young minds, revisit bonds between friends or strengthen relatshiopns between co-workers.

What We bring:

To allow full experience of virtual reality, we deals with the technicalities. Our virtual reality (=VR) computers are digital beast ready to handle with ease our commercial HTC vive which has larger technicals specifications than the home version. You may select from our large catalogue one or several of the virtual environements. To sum up, a super computer, a VR headset, a large selection of virtual environements or games and a VR agent. We bring peace in mind or in digital terms plug & play.

How We bring it:

No need of reading any cumbersome paper manuals, online blogs  or watching youtube videos, the equipment is brought to you by and with a VR agent. The agent has an inside-out knowledge of the virtual reality headset and ready to entertain you with the new virtual world. In addition, our agents are selected with 2 main criteria for the safety and security of our customers: They are vetted by Garda and hold a Fire Warden training.

Who can rent us:

We offer our rental service to individuals, residential as well as educational and commercial entities. The experience is unique and bespoke to your needs. Please tell us your needs by contacting us.


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